I am Bloody Mary

My name is not Mary and I am not dead. Other than the fact that I am a women and bleed once a month, I am not that bloody either.  
My problem is that every time someone thinks it is a great idea to try the bloody Mary legend, they end up summoning me. It feels like someone is screaming in my head and when I go to a mirror they are standing there in front of me screaming.
The reasons for the many differences in the story is that I meet them in the first mirror I pas. Down a stair, up a stair, in the bathroom or a handheld one. Since I do not decide when they summon me, I cannot control what mirror I see them thru.

Most people look at me like an ordinary, sweet and sometimes a little naïve girl. Why I got the rumor of killing and scratching people?s eyes out? You try to get disturbed 12 times a night every night and hold your temper. 

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