dagens sang 16.03.13 mine disney favoritter – you’ve got a friend in me

føler du deg truffet, ja da er du nok en av dem jeg tenker på når jeg hører på sangen.


15.03.13 it’s a small world after all

14.03.13 Age of not believing

13.03.13 A Whale of A Tale

12.03.13 Ugly Bug Ball

11.03.13 cruella de vil

10.03.13 Winnie the Pooh

09.03.13 Let’s get together

08.03.13 Are We Dancing

Mary Poppins

07.03.13 Chim Chim Cheree

06.03.13 A Spoonful of Sugar

05.03.13 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

tod and copper ( to gode venner)

04.03.13 Best of Friends

Peter Pan

03.03.13 The Second Star to the Right

02.03.13 You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!

01.03.13 Following the leader

The Aristocats

28.02.13 The Aristocats

27.02.13 Thomas O’Malley

26.02.13 Everybody Wants to be a Cat

lady and the tramp

25.02.13 Bella Notte

24.02.13 The Siamese Cat Song


23.02.13 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

22.02.13 The Work Song

Little mermaid

21.02.12 Les Poissons

20.02.13 kiss the girl

19.02.13 Under The Sea

18.02.13 Poor Unfortunate Souls

17.02.13 Part of Your World

beauty and the beast

16.02.13 Something There

15.02.13 belle

14.02.13 Tale As Old As Time


13.02.13 Savages

12.02.13 Just Around The River Bend

11.02.13 Colors of the Wind

10.02.13 Steady As The Beating Drum


09.02.13 i got no strings

08.02.13 When You Wish Upon A Star


07.02.13 I Won’t Say I’m in Love

06.02.13 Zero to Hero

05.02.13 Shooting Star

04.02.13 Go The Distance


03.02.13 Trashin’ The Camp

02.02.13 Strangers Like Me

01.02.13 You’ll be in my heart

31.01.13 two worlds

song of the south

30.01.13 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

29.01.13 Uncle Remus Said

Robin Hood

28.01.03 the phony king of england

27.01.13 robin hood and little john

snow white

26.01.13 heigh ho

25.01.13 the silly song

24.01.13 someday my prince will come

23.01.13 a smile and a song


22.01.13  Arabien nights ( orginal)

21.01.13 one jump ahead

20.01.13  a whole new world


19.01.13  i want to be like you

18.01.13 Colonel Hathi Elephant March

17.01.13 the bare necessities

lion king

16.01.13 hakuna matata

15.01.13 can you feel the love tonight

14.01.13 i just cant wait to be king

13.01.13 – circle of life

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