I am Bloody Mary

My name is not Mary and I am not dead. Other than the fact that I am a women and bleed once a month, I am not that bloody either.  
My problem is that every time someone thinks it is a great idea to try the bloody Mary legend, they end up summoning me. It feels like someone is screaming in my head and when I go to a mirror they are standing there in front of me screaming.
The reasons for the many differences in the story is that I meet them in the first mirror I pas. Down a stair, up a stair, in the bathroom or a handheld one. Since I do not decide when they summon me, I cannot control what mirror I see them thru.

Most people look at me like an ordinary, sweet and sometimes a little naïve girl. Why I got the rumor of killing and scratching people?s eyes out? You try to get disturbed 12 times a night every night and hold your temper. 

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Linn Helene

Linn Helene

32, Oslo

skarp og søt naiv og smart sterk og sliten du vet aldri hvilken side av meg du møter på, den skarpe og skeptiske tunga eller det varme og nesten naive hjertet. jeg er den du oppsøker for hjelp, den som biter fra seg når det trengs. drømmekjæresten min en en dataspillende goth drage. notangel@gmail.com

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